Creating Tagged VLANs

You can create tagged VLANs in Mettle SE. Follow the steps below to create tagged VLANs.

Go to:
  1. System >> Interfaces
  2. Click on the tab named VLANs
  3. Click on the 'Add New' button
In the new page that opens:
  1. Parent Interface - Select an unassigned physical interface
  2. VLAN Tag - Give a value between 2 and 4094 as the tag for this VLAN you are creating.
  3. Description - Enter a description for the VLAN interface you have created.
  4. Click on 'Save'
You will have to restart Mettle SE for the VLAN interfaces to be made available. Once Mettle SE has re-booted go to:
  1. System >> Interfaces >> Interface Assignments
  2. A new OPTx Interface will be created, choose the tagged VLAN interface you created to assign to OPTx interface. For eg: VLAN3 on em1, where VLAN3 is the VLAN with tag 3 and em1 is the physical interface.
  3. Click on 'Save'
The new OPT interface you created will be now available on the list of interfaces. You can select it from Interfaces like you would for any other physical interface and change it's parameters.

In Security >> Firewall, the new VLAN interface would be available like any other physical interface and ruleas can be assigned to the interface like any other real interface.

The physical interface that you have chosen to create VLANs on should not be assigned as any other port. Leave that port exclusive for VLAN use.

Switch configuration:
  1. Assign one switch port as the trunk port.
  2. The trunk port should be member of all the VLANs configured in the switch.
  3. Connect the trunk port to the VLAN's physical interface in Mettle SE.
  4. Make sure that the VLAN tag match in switch and Mettle SE.

Please refer to the user manual of your VLAN capable switch for more information in setting up VLANs.