Mettle SE Aliases Feature

Aliases are place holders for a group of Hosts, Ports. Networks, URL and URL table. Multiple number of Hosts, Ports, Networks, URL or URL tables can be grouped together to form an Alias.

With the Alias feature, any number of Hosts, Ports or Networks can be grouped and referred with a name in firewall rules. For example if, say, fifteen selected IP addresses from the LAN need permission to access an external server, you can create an Alias to represent the whole fifteen IP addresses. Then while creating the "allow" rule in Mettle SE, instead of creating fifteen rules (one each to represent one IP address), create just one rule and use this Alias in place of IP address. In the case of Ports if a number of Port(s) are to be opened for a Network or Host, group the ports together in an Alias. Then this Alias can be referred at source and/or destination port range while creating firewall rules.

You can create three types of Aliases. They are Aliases for Host(s), Network(s) and Port(s). To create an Aliases:
  1. Go to Tools >> Aliases >> Add New Alias
  2. Give a name to the Alias you're creating. This name is used to call the Alias while creating firewall rules.
  3. Enter a meaningful description to the Alias.
  4. Select the Type of Alias. You can select Network(s), Host(s) or Port(s), URL, URL tables.
  5. In case you have selected Host(s) - Add the IP address of the Host in the field below. You can only enter one IP address per field. To add additional IP addresses click on the 'Add' button
  6. In case you have selected Network(s) - Add the IP address of the or Network(s) Network along with the subnet mask (CIDR). To add additional Networks click on the 'Add' button.
  7. Port(s) - Port ranges can be entered in the field by separating it with a ':'. To add
  8. If URL is the type you selected - click on Add button to enter an URL and its description. Enter as many URLs as you wish, but only one URL in each text box. After saving Mettle SE will download the URL and import the items into the alias. Use only with small sets of IP addresses (less than 3000).
  9. If URL table is selected - Enter a single URL containing a large number of IPs and/or Subnets. After saving Mettle SE will download the URL and create a table file containing these addresses. This will work with large numbers of addresses (30,000+) or small numbers.
  10. Save the Aliases you have created.
Aliases can be used in any text box with Light Blue background while creating firewall rules.