Adding Firewall Rules

Firewall rules determine what kind of traffic is to be allowed inside Mettle SE from the outside Network and from inside local Network to outside Network or between two local Networks.

  1. Go to Security >> Firewall to create a new rule.
  2. Select interface you want to create the rule for.
  3. To create a new rule click on 'Add A New Rule' button.
  4. Choose the rule action. Choose 'Pass' if you want to allow the traffic. Or 'Block' or 'Reject' according to the need.
  5. Select interface for the rule to apply on.
  6. Choose Protocol you want to let through or block.
  7. Describe the source of the traffic.
  8. Enter the destination of the traffic.
  9. Enter the destination port (or port range) of Firewall rule.
  10. Enter a meaningful description for the rule you have created.
The order of the rules can be changed. To bring a rule to a higher level check the 'Checkbox' next to a rule, then to insert the rule before another rule click the 'Reverse Play' button which says 'Move Selected Rules Above this Rule'.
Please note that while creating a rule you can use Aliases you have created (Tools >> Aliases)  if necessary in the fields with a Light Blue colour.

Toggle Firewall Rules Enabled/Disable status:

You can see a small Blue coloured button on the left hand side next to each rule. This button is 'clickable'.

If you need to disable a rule temporarily, you have to click on the coloured button next to the rule and rules' status will be toggled. Pass will become 'pass disabled' and block will become 'block disabled' and reject will become 'reject disabled'. When a firewall rule is disabled it will be visually greyed out which makes identifying toggled rules easy. To change a rule to it's former state you have to click on the coloured button once again.

Note: Assigning source and destination port range while creating a Firewall rule can only be done if the protocol selected is either TCP or UDP or both.