Remote Event Logging To Remote Syslog Server

Mettle SE is factory configured to store the log entries locally in the hard drive. But it is possible for to enable remote logging in Mettle SE which will store the long entries in a remote syslog server. Log entries in Mettle SE can only be of a specific size and as new log is generated old logs are deleted. Enabling remote logging to a syslog server is a good practice since it will aid in troubleshooting and long term monitoring of the network and the system. With remote syslog enabled there is no limit to the log size except for your hard drive capacity.

 To enable remote system event log go to:
  1.  Monitoring >> Logs >> Settings
  2.  Go to the 'Settings' tab and tick on 'Enable syslog'ing to remote syslog server'
  3.  To disable local logging you may tick on 'Disable writing log files to the local ram disk'. But this is neither required nor recommended.
  4.  Enter the IP address of the remote syslog server in the text field.
  5.  Next you have to select what all events are to be logged in the syslog server. Tick each category you want to have logged.
  6.  Click on 'Save' once the settings are confirmed.