Backup and Restore Mettle SE Running Configuration

Backing up running configuration

It is wise to backup the running configuration of Mettle SE after you have made changes to the system settings. Keeping backup of running configuration ready allows you to relax and be on the safe side if things go wrong. To take backup of your running configuration:
  1.  Go to System >> Configuration >> Backup and Restore
  2. Under Backup Configuration
  3.  It is recommended to keep the backup area as 'All'
  4.  Click on 'Download configuration' button.
  5.  The configuration file would be downloaded into your system and named in this format - config-<hostname>-<timestamp>.xml
  6.  Keep the configuration backup file safe.

Restoring from saved backup

You can restore Mettle SE to a running configuration as saved in the backup file from the same screen you did the backing up from. To restore from a saved configuration:

  1. Under Restore Configuration
  2. Select a restore area, usually 'All'
  3.  Click 'Browse' and select the backup configuration file from your computer.
  4.  Click on 'Restore configuration' button.
  5. Mettle SE will reboot with restored configuration