Mettle SE Log Graphs

Log graphs are a useful set of data provided by Mettle SE. Mettle SE logs different sets of data about system and network performance and displays this data as graphs. To view log graphs go to: Monitoring >> Graphs.

Some graphs can be viewed in 'Inverse style' or 'Absolute style'. In the Inverse style the graph is split in the middle horizontally, incoming traffic is shown as going up and outgoing traffic is shown as going down. In the Absolute style graph is superimposed. Each graph is available in several time span and each of these is averaged over a different period of time based on how much time is being covered in each graph. Each graph will have a legend and summarisation of the data being shown.

There are six sub sections under Graphs they are- System, Traffic, Packets, Quality, Custom and Settings.

Graph Settings:

Graphs can be customised to suit your preferences. Its possible to turn of RRD graphing is you prefer to use third party external graphing solution. Remember to click on 'Save' when you're finished.