Schedule Based Firewall Rules

Time based rules allow to apply the firewall rules only on specified days and/or time ranges. The schedule determines when to apply the actions specified in the firewall rule. When the current time or date is not covered by the schedule the action of the rule is reversed.

To configure a Schedule go to:

  1. Tools >> Schedules >> Add New
  2. Enter a Schedule Name containing only letters & digits without spaces.

Selecting Days:
  1. A schedule can apply to specific days of a month or days of the week.
  2. To select any given day within the year choose month from the drop down list and click on specific days on the calendar.
  3. To select for any day regardless of the month click on Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu etc. This will make the schedule active for any Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday etc.

Defining Time Range:
  1. Select the Schedule start and end time in Hours and Minutes from the drop down box.
  2. You may enter a Time Range Description to for ease of understanding.
  3. Click on 'Add Time' once time range has been selected.
  4. You can add more than one time range. You may use same time range for identical days and another time range for each day with different times (For eg: Working hours on Mon to Tue might be from 9Am to 5Pm and on Saturdays it might be from 9Am to 2Pm).
  5. Save the changes once Schedule defining has been completed.

Using the Schedule in a Firewall Rule:
  1. Create a Firewall Rule as you would normally would to allow or deny particular traffic.
  2. Inside Firewall Rule editing page you can find the 'Schedule' heading and a drop down list box next to it.
  3. Select the Schedule you have created from this drop box.
  4. Configure the rest of the Firewall settings and Save the configuration.

The Firewall Rule you have now created would be active during the Schedule you have defined.