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Using Packet Capture

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Posted: 18 Jun, 2012
by: Knowledge M.
Updated: 13 Nov, 2012
by: Knowledge M.
Packet Capture tool is used to filter and capture packets passing through a particular interface in Mettle SE. Packets can be filtered based on Interface, IP address, and Port.

  1. Go to Tools >> Network Tools >> Packet Capture
  2. Interface - From the drop down list you can choose the Interface on which the Packets are to be captured.
  3. Host Address - This value is either the Source or Destination IP address. The packet capture will look for this address in either field.
  4. Port - The port can be either the source or destination port. The packet capture will look for this port in either field. If left blank packets to all ports would be captured.
  5. Packet length - The Packet length is the number of bytes packet capture will capture for each payload. For most scenarios default value would suffice.
  6. Count - This is the number of packets the packet capture will grab. Enter 0 for no count limit.
  7. Level of Detail - This is the level of detail that will be displayed after hitting 'Stop' when the packets have been captured. This option does not affect the level of detail when downloading the packet capture. Choose from Normal, Medium, High or Full.
  8. Reverse DNS Lookup - This check box will cause the packet capture to perform a reverse DNS lookup associated with all IP addresses. This is a CPU intensive function.
  9. Start - Click on Start Button to start Packet Capture process.
  10. Download - This would download the captured packets into your computer as a "*.cap" file.
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