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Cloning (Duplicating) Firewall Rules

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Posted: 18 Jun, 2012
by: Knowledge M.
Updated: 13 Nov, 2012
by: Knowledge M.
Mettle SE allows you to clone firewall rules assigned on one interface to another. If you wish to use similar rules  cross several interfaces, you can save time by cloning rules from one interface to another without having them created from scratch.

For example if you have an interface as a new LAN2 subnet in Mettle SE and you wish to have some rules on the new LAN2 subnet similar to LAN subnet. You can achieve this without having to create new rules from scratch. Below given is an example on how to do this. Assume that your existing LAN is "LAN" and the newly created LAN is "LAN2".


a) Security >> Firewall >> LAN

b) Click on the inverted triangle  next to the rule you want to duplicate and select "Duplicate"

c) Now a new web page will open up where you can edit the rules.

d) In the section "Interface" (the interface to which the rule binds to) the interface selected would be LAN, here you have to select the interface LAN2.

e) In the section "Destination", if it says LAN Address or LAN Subnet,replace it with LAN2 Address or LAN Subnet. Destination may not be always the same interface and varies with different rules.

f) In the "Description" field you might want to edit and mention that the rule is for LAN2.

g) Save and Apply the Changes.

When you reload the firewall rules page the rule you ported from LAN to LAN2 would be listed under the LAN2 tab. The firewall rule portability is a nifty feature which will make your job easier if you have a lot of networks to handle.

You can port the rules from any interface to any; not just from LAN to LAN2.
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