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Setting Up an IPSec VPN Client: Example Given Using Shrewsoft VPN Client

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Posted: 18 Jun, 2012
by: Knowledge M.
Updated: 12 Nov, 2012
by: Knowledge M.
After "Shrew Soft" IPsec VPN client has been downloaded and installed in your Windows machine follow the steps below to configure the client. Steps here are given to match IPsec mobile client configuration described elsewhere in this knowledgebase.

Tab1: General
Remote Host - Enter the IP address of Mettle SE's WAN port
Port: 500
Address Method: Use an existing adaptor
MTU: 1500
Address & Netmask: Obtain automatically

Tab2: Client
NAT Traversal: Enable
NAT Traversal Port: 4500
Keep Alive: 15secs
IKE Fragmentation: Enable
Max packet size: 540 bytes
Enable all "Other Options"

Tab3: Name Resolution
Enable all the options

Tab4: Authentication
Authentication Method: Mutual PSK
Local Identity: UFQDN & enter the string below
Remote Identity: IP address
Credentials: Enter the pre shared key configured in Mettle SE

Tab5: Phase1
Exchange type: Aggressive
DH Exchange: Group2
Cipher Algorithm: 3des
Hash algorithm: SHA1
Key life time limit: 3600

Tab6: Phase2
Transform algorithm: esp 3des
HMAC algorithm: sha1
PFS exchange: group2
Compress algorithm: Disabled
Key life time limit: 3600

Tab7: Policy
Leave everything at default settings.
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