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PPTP VPN Troubleshooting

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Posted: 18 Jun, 2012
by: Knowledge M.
Updated: 13 Nov, 2012
by: Knowledge M.
If you are not able to connect please do the following:

  1. Make sure that you working Internet connection. Try to ping Mettle SE's WAN IP address from the remote client.
  2. Make sure that the user name and password entered is correct and make sure you have configured the PPTP client properly.
  3. Please check if the another user is trying to log in using the same user name.
  4. Make sure that your NAT device supports PPTP VPN. Some NAT devices do not support PPTP but support other protocols like IPsec.
  5. Note down the error code PPTP client tells you when the connection is refused. (For eg: Error 650: The Remote Access Server is not responding).
  6. Call support after all else fails
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