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Initial Configuration: Setting up Mettle SE in a Local Area Network with Internet Connection

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Posted: 18 Jun, 2012
by: Knowledge M.
Updated: 03 Aug, 2012
by: Knowledge M.

Initial Configuration:

Mettle SE can be set up in a LAN as the Gateway, DHCP server and can provide content filtering for the web users in the LAN. To set up Mettle SE in your LAN with Internet connection, the follow steps below.

You can access the Mettle SE Web UI at the IP address Please make sure that the PC and Mettle SE are in the same IP Network. If connecting directly to Mettle SE's LAN interface you should use a crossover cable.

  1. Go to Routing >> Basic Routing >> Gateways
  2. Click on Add New
  3. Interface - Choose the interface this gateway applies to; WAN, LAN or any other interface which is active.
  4. Name - Descriptive name for the gateway
  5. Gateway - Gateway IP address of the Interface. Type 'dynamic' if the Interface fetches IP address automatically.
  6. Default Gateway - Select if this is the default gateway for the interface
  7. Disable Gateway Monitoring - This will consider this gateway as always being up
  8. Alternative Monitor IP - Enter an alternative IP address to monitor the link if the gateway of the Interface does not respond to ICMP echo requests. This IP address is used for RRD graphs and load balancer entries.
  9. Description - Enter a description for reference.
  10. Click on Save when finished.
Advanced Options under Gateway configuration
  • Click on Advanced button to reveal advanced options under Gateway
  • Weight - Weight for this gateway when used in a Gateway Group.
  • Latency thresholds - These define the low and high marks for latency in milliseconds.
  • Packet Loss thresholds - These define the low and high marks for packet loss in %
  • Link Down threshold - Down time of the link before it is considered unavailable
  • Frequency Probe - This defines the frequency in seconds that an icmp probe will be sent. Default is 1 second
WAN Setup:
  1. Identify the WAN interface in Mettle SE (System >> Interfaces >> Interface Assignments >> WAN).
  2. Assign a public IP address (provided by your ISP) to the WAN interface. If your ISP assigns a dynamic DHCP IP address choose the DHCP option from the list box. If it is a static IP address choose the static option and provide the IP address, subnet mask & choose the Gateway you have already defined from the dropdown list box.
  3. Tick the checkbox "Enable Interface" to activate WAN interface

DNS Information:

  1. Enter the DNS IP addresses given by your ISP at System >> General Setup

LAN Setup:

  1. Identify the LAN interface in Mettle SE (System >> Interfaces >> Interface Assignments >> LAN)
  2. Assign an IP address to the LAN interface of your Mettle SE along with the subnet mask. Give a private IP address range for the LAN.
  3. Tick the checkbox "Enable Interface" to activate LAN interface
  4. Please note that if you're setting up a new LAN you can use any private IP address range. The host machines would be provided with an IP address in the same Network range by the DHCP server in Mettle SE, if you configure the DHCP service. Else if you prefer to use a static IP address on each host you have to manually enter the IP address in each host, make sure you enter the correct the IP address of the Network and in the correct range.
  5. If you are replacing an existing Gateway with Mettle SE in your local Network  and the local Network configuration is not being changed you can give the LAN interface IP address of Mettle SE as per the existing convention. Easier option would be to assign the LAN IP address & subnet mask of the Gateway you are replacing with Mettle SE. If that Gateway runs a DHCP server, set up the DHCP server in Mettle SE (LAN Services >> Basic LAN >> DHCP Server) with the same configuration.
  6. Now Mettle SE is ready to replace the existing Gateway in your local area network.
  7. Shut down the existing Gateway and disconnect the LAN and WAN cables.
  8. Connect the WAN and LAN cables to the respective interfaces of Mettle SE.
  9. Power it on and Mettle SE should be up and ready in couple of minutes.
  10. Please make sure that you have set the correct IP address, subnet mask & Gateway IP address in each host in the LAN. If DHCP server is configured and running in Mettle SE this will be taken care of automatically. If static IP address is used you should enter the IP address, the subnet mask & Gateway IP address manually in each host. If you are only replacing an old proxy server with Mettle SE you probably will not have to change anything if you are using the configuration settings of the proxy server in your Mettle SE (LAN Services --> Proxy Server).
  11. Try to ping Mettle SE from a host computer in your LAN to check the connectivity.
  12. If you're not able to ping Mettle SE check the IP address, subnet mask, Gateway IP address configured in your local host. Check the cables for physical connectivity to the switch and from the switch to Mettle SE.

IMPORTANT: Once you change the LAN IP address of Mettle SE from it's default, to a new range that you wish to use in your LAN, you will not be able to access the Web UI from your PC any more. To gain access to the Web UI once again you have to change the IP address of your host machine to an address in the same range as that of the LAN interface of Mettle SE.

Before the hosts on your Network can access the Internet through Mettle SE you have to provide access rights for the hosts on the LAN. Until you provide access rights to the LAN hosts they will not be able to access the Internet.
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