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Mettle SE Initial Setup Wizard

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Posted: 09 Nov, 2012
by: Knowledge M.
Updated: 09 Nov, 2012
by: Knowledge M.
Initial setup wizard is run when Mettle SE WebGUI is accessed for the first time. This wizard will guide you through the basic configuration necessary to bring up one LAN and WAN and enables Internet connectivity for LAN. The wizard will configure following:
  1. Hostname and domain name
  2. DNS Server settings
  3. Time Zone
  4. WAN
  5. LAN
  6. Change Admin password

Mettle SE ships with IP Address assigned to LAN. Connect Mettle SE's LAN Port to switch or directly to your computer. Assign another IP Address in the same network for your computer (eg: Use netmask of Fireup your browser and type in the address bar. You will get Mettle SE Login screen. Enter following credentials to login.
Username: admin
Password: mettlese
On very first successful login you will be taken to the initial setup wizard.

Click Next to continue with setup wizard. You can exit the wizard at anytime by clicking the Mettle SE logo on top the screen.

  • Hostname:Enter hostname you would like to assign this Mettle SE
  • Domain: Enter domain for your organisation
  • Primary DNS Server: Enter primary DNS server provided by your ISP (optional)
  • Secondary DNS Server: Enter secondary DNS server provided by your ISP (optional)
  • Override DNS: Enable this to make Mettle SE use DNS servers obtained DHCP/PPPoE on WAN
Click Next to proceed to next screen.

  • Time server hostname: Enter time server hostname.
  • Timezone: Select timezone.
Click Next to proceed to next screen.

  • Select the type of WAN connection
  • You can leave the MAC Address and MTU empty.
  • Fill in the values provided by your ISP under the corresponding section.
Click Next to proceed to next screen.

  • LAN IP Address:Enter LAN IP Address
  • Subnet Mask: Select LAN subnet prefix.
Click Next to proceed to next screen.

This screen allows you to change the Mettle SE admin password. Mettle Networks recommends you set a strong password for admin user.

Click Reload to finish the wizard.

IMPORTANT: If you have changed the LAN IP address of Mettle SE from it's default, to a new network that you wish to use in your LAN, you will not be able to access the Web UI from your PC unless you change your PC IP Address. To gain access to the Web UI once again you have to change the IP address of your host machine to an address in the same range as that of the LAN interface of Mettle SE.

Your browser will reload automatically after the reload is complete (1 min approx.).
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