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Dynamic DNS Client

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Posted: 19 Jun, 2012
by: Knowledge M.
Updated: 03 Aug, 2012
by: Knowledge M.
Dynamic DNS, is a feature that can be used when the ISP provides your Internet link provided by your ISP uses a dynamic IP address instead of static IP address and you want to access your Mettle SE from the Internet. Dynamic DNS service will update an external dynamic DNS service provider with your latest public IS address you got from the ISP. This allows you to keep a host name even when the IP address changes periodically.

Mettle SE supports nine different dynamic DNS providers. The available dynamic DNS providers can be seen when you click on the Service Type drop down box. Most of these providers provide a basic dynamic DNS service free of charge.

To configure Dynamic DNS
  1. Go to Tools >> Dynamic DNS Client >> DynDNS
  2. Click on Add New button
  3. Uncheck the box "Disable" to enable dynamic DNS if it is checked.
  4. Service Type - Select your preferred dynamic DNS provider
  5. Host name - Here you should enter the host name you created with the dynamic DNS provider.
  6. MX - Mail eXchanger record lets the mail servers know where to deliver the mails for your domain. Few dynamic DNS providers will let you configure this via your dynamic DNS client. If your dynamic DNS provider supports MX record you have to enter the host name of your domain's mail server.
  7. Wild cards - Enabling wild card DNS on your dynamic DNS name means all host name queries will resolve to the IP address of your dynamic DNS host name. Eg: If your host name is, enabling wild card will make * resolve the same as
  8. User name and Password - You should enter the user name and password for your dynamic DNS provider here.

DNS Updates
The RFC 2136 dynamic DNS updates functionality allows you to register a host name on any DNS server supporting RFC2136 updates. This can be used to update host names on BIND and Windows Server DNS servers and others.
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