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document Adding Firewall Rules
Firewall rules determine what kind of traffic is to be allowed inside Mettle SE from the outside Network and from inside local Network to outside...
12 Nov, 2012
document Firewall Event Logs
A firewall log entry is made for each rule that is set to log and for the default deny rule. To view the parsed logs you have to go to Monitoring...
12 Nov, 2012
document Schedule Based Firewall Rules
Time based rules allow to apply the firewall rules only on specified days and/or time ranges. The schedule determines when to apply the actions...
12 Nov, 2012
document Mettle SE Aliases Feature
Aliases are place holders for a group of Hosts, Ports. Networks, URL and URL table. Multiple number of Hosts, Ports, Networks, URL or URL tables can...
12 Nov, 2012
document Cloning (Duplicating) Firewall Rules
Mettle SE allows you to clone firewall rules assigned on one interface to another. If you wish to use similar rules  cross several interfaces,...
13 Nov, 2012