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document Initial Configuration: Setting up Mettle SE in a Local Area Network with Internet Connection
Initial Configuration: Mettle SE can be set up in a LAN as the Gateway, DHCP server and can provide content filtering for the web users in the...
03 Aug, 2012
document Mettle SE Initial Setup Wizard
Initial setup wizard is run when Mettle SE WebGUI is accessed for the first time. This wizard will guide you through the basic configuration...
09 Nov, 2012
document Default IP Address and Password. And How To Change It?
Part 1: The Default LAN IP Address & Password: When you purchase a new Mettle SE it comes with default IP address of on its...
03 Aug, 2012
document Connecting to Mettle SE from Hyper terminal
Connect the serial (RS232-DE9) end of Mettle SE console cable to the serial port of the PC and then connect the other end of the console cable to the...
12 Nov, 2012
document Adding A Second (Or More) Internet Connection To Mettle SE & Setting Up Failover/Load Balancing
Adding a Second WAN Connection: Go to System >> Interfaces >> Interface Assignments Select the interface to be assigned for...
13 Nov, 2012
document Deploying A Second LAN With Mettle SE
Follow steps below to build your second LAN (eg: LAN2)with Mettle SE: Go to System >> Interfaces >> Interface Assignments to...
13 Nov, 2012