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document Monitoring The Internet Usage
Web usage report: To monitor Internet usage of hosts connected to Internet via Mettle SE go to menu Monitoring >> Web Usage Select...
03 Aug, 2012
document Fine Tuning The Content Scanner
After general set up of content filters have been done it is necessary to fine tune them to achieve better performance and speed during Internet...
03 Aug, 2012
document Setting Up Mettle SE Stack for Active/Passive Fail-Over
Here we configure a two cluster Mettle SE fail-over stack configuration with fail over for LAN and WAN interfaces. Prerequisites: Two...
03 Aug, 2012
document Connecting & Securing a Leased Line Connection to Mettle SE
To secure a leased line in Mettle SE: Go to System >> Interfaces >> Interface Assignments >> and assign a free OPT...
03 Aug, 2012
document Blocking GTalk in the LAN
Configure your internal DNS to return for: 1. 2. 3. Also add the...
03 Aug, 2012
document Blocking Yahoo! IM from the LAN
Configure your internal DNS to return for and Add the DNS names and...
03 Aug, 2012
document NTP Client/Server
Enabling NTP client in Mettle SE Go to System >> General Setup Scroll down to "Time Zone" and select your Time zone. ...
03 Aug, 2012
document Captive Portal
Mettle SE has Captive Portal feature used for HTTP authentication with a web browser. Once the Captive Portal has been enabled on a local network the...
03 Aug, 2012
document Virtual IP Address
Virtual IP addresses is used to implement Mettle SE Active-Passive fail-over stack and Port forwarding. To create a Virtual IP address: Go...
03 Aug, 2012
document Creating Tagged VLANs
You can create tagged VLANs in Mettle SE. Follow the steps below to create tagged VLANs. Go to: System >> Interfaces Click on...
03 Aug, 2012
document Wake On LAN
Mettle SE has inbuilt support for Wake On LAN feature that enables remotely booting up of client machines in LAN from Mettle SE. You can boot the...
03 Aug, 2012
document Changing default Web UI Port and Protocol
To change the default Web UI administration port: Go to System >> Advanced Setup >> Admin Access On the page under Web GUI...
03 Aug, 2012
document Mettle SE Module Updates
Mettle SE Module updates are made available when they are available. To update installed Modules in Mettle SE do the following:- Go to System...
03 Aug, 2012
document Mettle SE Log Graphs
Log graphs are a useful set of data provided by Mettle SE. Mettle SE logs different sets of data about system and network performance and displays...
03 Aug, 2012
document Backup and Restore Mettle SE Running Configuration
Backing up running configuration It is wise to backup the running configuration of Mettle SE after you have made changes to the system settings....
03 Aug, 2012