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document Setting Up SSL-VPN Server
To create an SSL VPN Server: Go to Connectivity >> SSL VPN >> Server Click on 'Add New' button Uncheck the Disable this...
17 Apr, 2013
document NAT Reflection/NAT Loop back
NAT reflection refers to the ability to access he external services from the internal network by public IP. Mettle SE offers NAT reflection, but some...
13 Nov, 2012
document Split DNS
Configuring Split DNS In a split DNS infrastructure two DNS zones are created for the same domain, one to be used by Internal network and the...
13 Nov, 2012
document Setting Up an IPSec VPN Client: Example Given Using Shrewsoft VPN Client
After "Shrew Soft" IPsec VPN client has been downloaded and installed in your Windows machine follow the steps below to configure the...
12 Nov, 2012
document Captive Portal
Mettle SE has Captive Portal feature used for HTTP authentication with a web browser. Once the Captive Portal has been enabled on a local network the...
03 Aug, 2012
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document Configuring Client-less SSL VPN
Prerequisites Mettle SE WebGUI has to be reconfigured to use any other port than 443. You should have Internet connection configured in Mettle...
18 Apr, 2013
document Setting up a Certificate Authority (CA) in Mettle SE
Mettle SE comes with a built-in Certificate Authority manager. Following article explains how to setup a CA in Mettle SE. To setup a new...
17 Apr, 2013
document Import SSL certificate to use in Mettle SE
If you already have SSL certificate from a Certificate Authority, you can import the certificate/key pair in Mettle SE and use it in places that...
17 Apr, 2013
document Configure Outbound Load Balancer
First you need to define at least one load balancer group. Go to Routing >> Connection Load Balancer >> Add a New group ...
13 Nov, 2012
document Mettle SE Initial Setup Wizard
Initial setup wizard is run when Mettle SE WebGUI is accessed for the first time. This wizard will guide you through the basic configuration...
09 Nov, 2012